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Lovingly  manufacturing quality fur apparel since 1961. My father founded the company in Frankfurt and since 1970 we are located in Aschaffenburg. In 2003, I took over as the 2nd generation of this furrier operation. I graduated my master's examination in 1991 from the Federal Fur College in Frankfurt.

Our work pays respect to the tradition of craftsmanship, obtaining practical skills that have been refined over decades. New machines were used to increase the speed and effectiveness, but the processes are the same as 200 years ago.

The processing of fur for clothing is done by hand. The time that it takes to manufacture a fur coat can be be up to 200 hours, justifying the price.

We place great emphasis on the highest quality and highest manufacturing standards, and of course also on the design.

A garment made by Nikolaidis is unique!

See for yourself and visit us !


All animals that were processed for their leather or pelt were not slaughtered for their fur alone, but for meat production also. The foxes come from hunting, to keep the populations in a natural balance.

Thus, a Green Future is capable of returning clothing back into the eco-cycle, in that its surface is degradable.


Also, the fur skins, lamb and fox controlled tanned in pollutants. They are preserved by tawing what only involves natural materials such as water, salt ,and formic acid. We explicitly avoid cancer-causing, allergenic heavy metals.

We hold our skins to the highest quality requirements. This method corresponds to the criteria and requirements for the Exam Track of natural leathers.


This leather is heavy-metal free, using only safe dyes for natural chromium-free leather. Natural leather dispensed onto a colored surface coating made of plastic and conveys so an immediate feeling of leather. It differs in feel and look from the current system Leather commodity.

The unsealed surface is breathable, feels warm and is free of cancer and allergy-causing chemicals. The materials used in the production process are low in pollutants, each skin is natural.

IVN certified, Bio Circle, ESCARF


1 = lowest grade

6 = highest grade

Depending on the color, the light-fastness specified on each sample can lead to changes over time in comparison with the original color.

This means:

high light fastness = slow change

low light fastness = faster change

Variations from drum to drum in the color tone, the light fastness as well as the abrasion are a result of the manufacturing process and a quality feature of vegetable-tanned, untreated leather.

Visible abrasion cannot be avoided with natural leather. The more intensive the color tone, the greater the abrasion. All properties described above are characteristic of the product.



All leathers are characterized by their natural authenticity. This means, that the surface of  the leather has a natural character and is entirely free of any chemical treatments (the vast majority of leather is usually sealed with polyurethane).

A truly natural surface includes the natural conditions that represent grazing and sable stock farming.  As such, irregularities and smaller scars in the leather surface originating from horn strokes, trees,  pasture fences as well as from parasites and insect bites are a mirror of the animal’s life on earth.