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We carry out repairs of any kind, either replacing a defective closure, closing tears, and more - both in fur and leather.


Once in a while garments need small alterations, such as lengthening or shortening the cut of a sleeve, changing a collar, or something more extensive like enlarging a garment or reducing its size. These alterations are a lot easier for fur, as a material hides seams wonderfully.


What is so wonderful sustainable fur is that you can completely recast an old garment on a new model.  After a few years, if the cut is out of date, we can rework it into a new-quality garment!  If material is missing, it can be found to fit no problem.

Our studio offers you a wide range of processing models, we are also able to resize garments.


Each of our models is unique, literally tailored to your body. So we need your body measurements and we customize your clothing individually. So-called problem figures are not a problem with us! And this time everything fits!


We provide a professional storage in dry, cold storage rooms, where your furs will be well taken care of during the summer.
Thus you save space in your own wardrobe, with no fear of burglaries or clothes moths.

Cleaning and Care

At least once every two to three years fur should be cleaned professionally, by someone such as a furrier. There is a special process for cleaning furs, where dust and excess fat from the coat is knocked out by sawdust. This cleaning will extend the life of your fur coat by a few years, because the excess fat causes aging of the leather more quickly and should be removed at regular intervals. After cleaning, the coat looks and feels like new!